Do you offer a VIP Program?

  • Yes, a very exciting VIP Program is coming soon. Make sure you are subscribed to our website. 



Can you do a custom order/design?

  • No, we do not accept custom orders or designs. Our brand is unique and one of a kind pieces. We use our inventory to design our items. Everything is different for each collection. Once our current materials are used you will not see them in a future collection. 

How often do you launch new collections?

  • We launch two collections for each fashion season.  You can view all past and current collections here. Click the link here to subscribe to be notified each time we launch. 

How do you take care of your clothes?

  • Dry Clean Only

How do you size your products?

  • Everything is sized according to the Standard US Women's Sizing Chart. 

To get the correct measurements and sizing that is on our product details, please use the following graphic as a guide.




What exactly are you handcrafting?

  •  Our launch in October consists of locally sourced and thrifted clothing that we handcraft and tailor into luxury pieces. Everything is washed and dry cleaned using the most high-quality materials to embellish our products.

  • Our future collections will be created primarily using materials from around the world with the rare thrifted treasure.


What materials are you using?

  • A mix of cotton, polyester, tulle, recycled denim, silk flower petals, ostrich feathers and luxury faux fur imported from France

How long does each piece take to make?

  • Depending upon the materials used it can take anywhere from fifteen hours to four days.

Who makes each item?

  • Jill and Jordan collaboratively design each piece. We individually and both collectively create each item step by step and finish the process together by designing each product. 


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